If you are looking for a trusted wood manufacturer in British Columbia

We offer high-quality wood products to our customers so that they last for many years.

WEB BC manufactures high-quality wood products that are made in their plant in British Columbia.

Since the company was founded in 1999, we never compromised on the quality and superior customer service. We manufacture standard and custom wood products. Our products are used in different industries; for example, construction, furniture, defense, maritime, utilities, rail, etc. Our products are used in the following way.




Our wood is an idea for wood-frame, post-and-beam, and hybrid construction. Our range of products offers high performance and dimensionally-stable options for any construction project.


Wood species like Western red cedar and yellow cedar are used for outdoor applications. These include siding, exterior trim, decking, roofing, and fencing. We provide standard shapes and customized shapes of these products as well.


The lovely color, grain, and strength of the wood species found in British Columbia are perfect for millwork, furniture, doors and windows. Wood can be used as an interior structural or finished product as wood is durable and needs little maintenance.

Pulp and paper

Because of the weather conditions, species of wood in naturally develop long and thin-walled fibers. Pulp produced from these fibers has excellent tensile strength properties.

Wood pallets and biomass

The wood pallets come from various species and are made from a material that would otherwise be wasted like sawdust, logging residuals, planer shavings, etc.

There is always demand for wood. It costs less and is economical and environment-friendly. It is durable, beautiful, versatile and renewable. If you are thinking of constructing your entire house with wood or just have the flooring made of wood, contact us. We have skilled craftsmen to complete your project.

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